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College Assesment Partners (CAPs)

Collegiate Assessment Partners (CAPs) is a company founded by a combination of university professors and corporate human resource executives. We have been offering assessment services since 1995 and have provided feedback to more than 25,000 individuals. Our objective is to deliver assessment and consulting services that have traditionally been employed in major corporations for colleges of business.

We are able to deliver cost effective, high-quality, services and products by providing both academic and corporate expertise. By partnering with colleges of business, we can simultaneously assist you in accomplishing three vital goals: (1) providing detailed, valuable feedback to your students, and using that data to (2) measure your assurance of learning objectives, as part of your (3) successful management of the accreditation process.

Why CAPs

Collegiate Assessment Partners (CAPs) can provide a series of valuable services to your students that will solve your assurance of learning and accreditation needs at a fraction of what it costs to do it yourself. This leaves more time and resources for you to focus on mission critical activities, while simultaneously plugging you into a depth of knowledge that is otherwise costly and difficult to acquire.


Products & Services

CAPs can provide your college of business with the following services to support your assurance of learning and accreditation needs: