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Content Exams

While many schools are interested in content exams for assurance of learning purposes, colleges of business typically face three hurdles when trying to use them. First, some common “off the shelf” tests are extremely expensive making them not very realistic given the current budgets within most universities. Second, off the shelf” tests do not capture mission specific knowledge and as a result, try a “one-size fits all to evaluating learning. As a result, these tests often serve as measures of general intelligence and not as effective measures of learning. Lastly, writing customized tests to avoid the “off the shelf” problems introduce a new set of issues, mainly creating issues of expertise, political struggles, and ownership. Thus, writing customized tests if a labor intensive, difficult process when handled in-house.

To solve these issues, CAPs partners with colleges to develop content exams which both tap a common body of knowledge as well as college specific content. CAPs also serves the important role of “external expert” to help save the college time, money, and resources. Most importantly, by partnering with CAPs, colleges end up with a product which fits their custom needs and which can be modified over time to meet changing demands.